Winlink is a method of sending and receiving Email over amateur radio and can be used with attachments, position reporting, weather and informational bulletins and is used widely in interoperable emergency and disaster communications. You can learn more and download Winlink atĀ Click the My Account tab and follow directions on the left to establish an account. For reference, we are also adding the local station information to our list of frequencies (here).

WCARC Presented Proclamation

WCARC would like to extend a special “Thank You” to club member Mike Henry, KD4IID, for receiving a proclamation from White County E-911 and White County Office of Emergency Management on our behalf. Mike is a stand-out member of our club, and of the ham radio community as a whole. The local paper has published an article about the proclamation, featuring Mike, and can be found at the link below.,45168?

20220721-082300-Amateur Radio Operators Proclamstion
(photo credit: Sparta Live)