Weather Briefing for Eclipse Weekend
Weather Briefing for Eclipse Weekend.

Submitted by KD4WX.

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More Eclipse Info

More interesting information on the solar eclipse.

They will have 15 groups in Tennessee launching these.
These will travel up to around 100,000 ft before bursting, then will descend via parachute at 3000 ft per minute.
These will be capturing video that will be uploaded to NASA.
We may be monitoring in case they land around here to recover them.

DCCARC Secratary

Submitted by KD4WX

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DMR Presentation

The following is a 4 part (almost 3 hour) video presentation by the Ohio ARRL that explains programming DMR code plugs. This is a detailed presentation and will answer a lot of questions. Dale (KC2CBD) of the Putnam County ARES recommended this series to members interested in using DMR.

73, KW1LL

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Eclipse Balloon

To all,

I’ve created a web page about the VUARC equipment on the eclipse balloon.

Please feel free to direct anyone wanting to know about our Aug. 21 flight to this page. It contains the relevant operating frequencies for those who will want to work the balloon repeater.


Submitted by KD4WX

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Eclipse Propagation

If anyone is interested in helping to test propagation during the eclipse for this university experiment, please read this article.

73 and Thanks,
William, KW1LL

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Eclipse Communications

From White County EC, William, KW1LL

This article outlines some of the expected difficulties of the solar eclipse this month. Note the section on communications.

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Updated ARRL Band Chart

Below is a link to the updated ARRL Band Chart. It includes the two new bands, 630m and 2200m.

Submitted by KW1LL

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