146.685 Repeater

Good News, The 146.6850 Repeater is back on the air. Thanks to Mike and Bob.. Has full quieting from my qth.

Let us know how it sounds from your qth. will be monitoring on my HT.



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Middle TN Hamquest

The Greater Nashville & Middle Tennessee Hamquest will be July 29th at Lebanon, TN. For information, including directions to the site, please see the following link.


Submitted by KW1LL

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Cookeville Repeater Update

Via William (KW1LL)

The following is an update on the status of the Cookeville addition of DMR, Brandmeister, D-Star, and Fusion. The link goes to the Cookeville Repeater Association website. Hopefully, this will help those who wish to try some of the digital modes through the Cookeville link.


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New TYT MD-2017 HT

From club secretary Bob (N9IWJ):

Just to let all know the new TYT MD-2017 dual band portable is out and it is sweet, nice having VHF and UHF in one portable and digital and analog, (about $178.00) if you look in the right spot, I use letsgetready on ebay great folks, top notch dealer.
3000 channels incredible. Now 64 modes per zone instead of 16,
1000 contacts, digital and analog, being told the mobil rig is about 2-3 months out being checked out now working out bugs.
Also be sure to get the GPS model if ya get one.
Microphones out in a couple weeks.

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Delta Division Ham of the Year

From Delta Division Newsletter:

Delta Division Ham of the Year nominations are now underway. I am sure most of you have received an email form your respective Section Managers recently, but allow me to reiterate: It is time to nominate your choice for Delta Division Ham of the year. Nominations will close on June 30, 2017. Please send your nominations to your respective Section Manager. One source online for the form can be found on the TNARRL.org website Resources page. Other sections may have it available shortly. Please take the time to nominate a great ham that you know.

Submitted by KD4WX

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Contact Manager for TYT DMR Radios

For those interested in using the TYT DMR and some other DMR radios, this is a free contact manager that helps with programming the DMR groups and contact lists. The software was “advertised” on the Ham Radio 2.0 show.
Software: http://n0gsg.no-ip.org/contact-manager/

Program on using the software can be viewed at:
Ham Radio 2.0: Episode 58 – How to Write a DMR Codeplug / N0GSG Contact Manager Demo

Submitted by KW1LL

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Propagation Software

I thought some members might be interested in experimenting with this software. The page has a full description, but the software will model the propagation on a selected HF band and show the expected propagation based on historical data back to 1900. It can also obtain real-time data from WWV and use it for a live assessment of the band. It also shows a daily point to point chart showing the best time and frequency for communication between the two locations.

NOTE: Read the installation details completely.


Submitted by KW1LL

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