On-Air Meetings and 2022 dues

In lieu of recent events regarding COVID-19, WCARC meetings will be held via radio on the 146.685 repeater until further notice.

The date and time remain the same, second Tuesday each month at 7:00 pm. The on-air meeting will take the place of the ARES net on this night. The 443.775 repeater will also be monitored during meeting time.

More information about the repeater frequencies and PL tones can be found on the “Nets/Repeaters/Frequencies” page on this website.

Additionally, for 2022 we are waving all dues to WCARC. Our account is in good standing and we now have a reserve of money to help handle issues that come up during the year. That said, we think it is prudent to waive fees as a way of supporting those who have supported the club over the last two years. Also, if you know of anyone who would like to join, this is a great opportunity to join for a time at no charge.

We hope everyone is safe and healthy, and hope to hear you on the air!


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