ARRL Introduces New Beginner Ham Podcast



Introducing, So Now What? A New ARRL Podcast for Beginners!
Featuring co-hosts Michelle Patnode, W3MVP, and Joe Carcia, NJ1Q.

So Now What? is a bi-weekly podcast airing every-other Thursday, geared to those who are just getting started on their Amateur Radio adventure. Whether you’re new to the hobby or looking to get back on the air after an absence, we know that you’ve got lots of questions.

Join Michelle and Joe as they explore the topics that every newcomer needs to know.

Future topics will include:
-The new ham radio operator starter pack
-Available operating modes to us new hams
-Covering the rules on calling CQ
-Propagation and all about sunspot activity
-How to get in on the contest
and more!

Submitted by KW1LL

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